Boiserie and Skirting Systems: be inspired by our models
How to apply Boiserie and Skirting Systems by Linvisibile

Linvisibile’s Boiserie and Skirting systems often create confusion as they don’t represent any door products, but instead, they are two different methods of material application.

Boiserie is applied to create a seamless “skin system” with the wall being coated with the same finishing as the door. This is one of the factors how the “invisible effect” occurs.

Linvisibile can also maintain that the baseboard of the door is in perfect and seamless continuation with the wall so as to achieve the “flush-to-wall” effect (a.k.a Skirting System). A thin line embedded in the wall hides great technology.

How about going through some examples of how they’re applied and being inspired?

  • You can create a perfect flush-to-wall effect when the door is closed. It’s very easy on the eyes and an effortless way of demonstrating luxury.
  • You can maintain a full invisible effect if you coat the wall with the same finish as the panel. Linvisibile’s wide range of top notch finishes and materials go beyond imagination. Here’s one example. Linvisibile Brezza pivot door and the wall coated with the same marble finish.
  • If you don’t want the astonishment of the panel to be overseen among the wall-door continuation, you can emphasize the design by choosing different materials for the door and the wall separately.

Linvisibile doors come with unique benefits: boiserie and skirting systems are only two of many. Don’t forget to check our products section for more inventive ideas!

Posted on
21 January 2022
Last edit
9 March 2022 - ora: 14:14

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