Elevate Your Space with Anodized Aluminium: Customization and Splendid Colors.

In the realm of interior design, every detail matters. From the furniture we choose to the colors that adorn our walls, each element contributes to the overall ambiance of a space. When it comes to versatility, durability, and aesthetics, anodized aluminium stands out as a superior choice. Let’s delve into the world of anodized aluminium and discover how it can transform your environment.

Transform Your Environment with Anodized Aluminium

Anodized aluminium offers a myriad of benefits that make it an ideal material for customization and protection. Through the anodization process, aluminium is coated with a protective oxide layer, not only enhancing its visual appeal but also shielding it from corrosion. This process elevates the performance of aluminium, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from architectural elements to furniture and beyond.

One of the most exciting aspects of anodized aluminium is its ability to be customized through coloring or texturing. Whether you prefer refined, elegant hues or bold, vibrant tones, the possibilities are endless. Imagine splashing your space with warm golds or cool blues, creating an atmosphere that reflects your unique style and personality.

Franciacorta anodized aluminium

Customization and Color Options for aluminium

At Linvisibile, we offer an extensive selection of anodized colors to suit every preference and design aesthetic.

Standard anodizations:

Oro del Marocco: This enchanting hue exudes sophistication and luxury, with its subtle shimmer and cool undertones. Reminiscent of golden sands under a moonlit sky, Oro del Marocco adds a touch of elegance to any space, creating an atmosphere of warmth and serenity.

Sabbia dell’Adriatico: Cool, calm, and collected, Sabbia dell’Adriatico embodies understated elegance with its classic grey hue. Like the mist rolling in from the sea, this color brings a sense of tranquility and balance to spaces, providing a neutral backdrop for any design scheme.

Espresso: Rich, earthy, and full of character, Espresso evokes the warmth and comfort of a cozy café on a crisp autumn morning. Like freshly brewed coffee in a terracotta cup, this color brings a sense of groundedness and authenticity to interiors, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

Canna di Fucile: Timeless, dramatic, and effortlessly chic, Canna di Fucile adds a touch of sophistication to any space with its deep black hue. Like a starry night sky stretching out above, this color exudes elegance and mystery, creating a sense of drama and intrigue in interiors.

Sabbia dell’Adriatico anodized aluminium

Special anodizations:

Oro dello Zambia: Bold and vibrant, Oro dello Zambia commands attention with its rich gold hue and sunny yellow undertones. Like rays of sunshine streaming through a canopy of trees, this color infuses spaces with energy and vitality, making a bold statement wherever it is used.

Oro della Namibia: Radiating with warmth and richness, Oro della Namibia is reminiscent of glowing embers on a crisp autumn evening. With its inviting warmth and earthy undertones, this hue adds depth and character to any environment, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Sabbia del Tirreno: Inspired by the serene hues of the Mediterranean Sea, Sabbia del Tirreno captures the essence of coastal living with its soft, ethereal blue tones. Like the sky meeting the sea on a clear summer day, this color evokes feelings of peace, relaxation, and endless possibilities.

Lava dell’Etna: Soft, subtle, and effortlessly chic, Lava dell’Etna adds a touch of romance to any space with its delicate pink hue. Like petals scattered by a gentle breeze, this color brings a sense of femininity and grace to interiors, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Veloce: Bold, dynamic, and full of energy, Veloce commands attention with its vibrant red hue. Like a flame dancing in the darkness, this color ignites passion and excitement, infusing spaces with warmth, intensity, and a sense of drama.

Filo di Seta: Luxurious and opulent, Filo di Seta exudes timeless elegance with its warm bronze tones. Like precious metal bathed in sunlight, this color adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to interiors, creating a sense of refinement and grandeur.

Franciacorta: Playful, vibrant, and full of personality, Franciacorta brings a pop of color to any space with its bright pink hue. Like a bouquet of freshly bloomed flowers, this color injects joy and positivity into interiors, creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere.

Matita: Sleek, modern, and effortlessly chic, Matita epitomizes understated sophistication with its warm grey tones. Like a graphite sketch against a clean white canvas, this color adds a touch of contemporary elegance to interiors, creating a sense of balance and harmony.

Filo di seta anodized aluminium


What sets Linvisibile apart is our attention to detail and commitment to quality. Our anodized aluminium finishes are available in fine-grained, matt coarse-grained brushed, or matt polished, allowing you to achieve the perfect look for your space. Whether you’re seeking a sleek, modern finish or a more textured appearance, our options cater to your discerning taste.

With our anodized aluminuim finishes, you can create exclusive atmospheres and make every day feel special. Whether you’re designing a residential space or a commercial environment, our colors and textures allow you to unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life. Elevate your space with anodized aluminium and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Posted on
19 March 2024

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