5 Reasons to use Nicchio

14 July 2017

Inspired by niches but not daring enough to place them in your current interior decoration? Don’t be overwhelmed by it, it’s the simplest and most useful element of design. Here, we gathered 5 pain points that a Nicchio can tackle effortlessly (Bonus: it adds a fantastic aesthetic to your interior design!)

1. You have a lot of junk stuff in the living room but don’t know how to hide them?

This is the point where a nicely adjusted niche runs to your rescue. An elegantly assembled niche/s, by not taking up much of your space, can create miracles. To name some, we can talk about containing and closing off areas you want unseen, creating storage areas and wardrobe spaces, close off trap doors and shutter boxes, recesses and dead zones. When you imagine how many cables, technology equipment and control panels we have in our houses these days, you can imagine how effective a niche could be to cover them.

2. Worried if it will stand out in your refined interior decoration for its’ average “cabinet like” looks?

You don’t need to worry. A high-quality niche with flush-to-wall panels and a nice boiserie will make it hard to realise that it’s a cupboard. It rather creates a continuity with the wall when it is closed and fits in as a part of it.


3. I’m not worried about function; I simply care about decoration…

Then again, Nicchio is the answer. A niche, although it might seem like the ultimate cure for concealing modern-day appliances, is actually an ancient tradition inspired on seashells. In Ancient Rome, architects took advantage of this “tradition” by simply adding a decorative recess on the wall to display a statue or another object. In more modern designs, you don’t need to display something in a niche but simply take advantage of its fashionably chic look that matches with your interior design.


4. “I want functionality and aesthetics to go hand in hand…”

How about using niches as a bookcase, a placement for your TV unit or an easy access to your perfume bottles in the bathroom? For example, a Nicchio can double function in terms of concealing bathroom appliances and working as a mirror at the same time.


5. Change the aura of your interior space, bring in some light…

It is observed that a niche, carved or built in a wall, concentrates or disperses the daylight. Therefore, provides a spacious environment. Moreover, when put a mirror in the back of the niche, it reflects the elements which are situated inside of it and enlarges the space (and even the size of the room).


Feeling inspired? Check out our Nicchio products and see if you can include them in your own interior designs! http://linvisibile.com/design_doors/nicchio/#product-projects

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