Finishes: a sensory journey for a full immersive experience

The upcoming opening of the new showroom in Miami is an opportunity to present the range of finishes applicable to LINVISIBILE products. The vastness of usable materials exceeds the concept of “invisibility” of the door to project it into a new dimension. The door becomes the protagonist in the environment and the furnishings in which it is placed.

The Miami showroom inaugurates the new exhibition concept of LINVISIBILE: 4 geographical environments – Milan, Jakarta, Los Angeles and Moscow – 4 living styles to express the taste, culture and aesthetic sense of each area. We have given a voice to each style by using different types of doors and finishes, showing all the technical and aesthetic abilities that Linvisibile is able to offer to its customers.

Jakarta - Zefiro system -Miami Showroom

Jakarta – Zefiro System – Retro-laquered glass with applications of wooden strips finish

The finishes exhibited in Miami are a journey themselves, made of emotions and sensorial surfaces, colors, veins, reflections, and materials, which gives visitors a completely immersive experience.
Each of them can be requested on any Linvisibile door.

Let yourself be carried away.

Glass: a versatile material for contemporary architecture.

Capable of creating dynamic and exciting effects, glass is used in all its forms: clear -also with mesh- back lacquered, etched acid or mirror. The back-lacquered and etched glass, available in the entire range of RAL colors, generate reflections and colors and they are able to guarantee the right privacy to any environment.

When glass is embellished with fabric or metal inserts, surprising combinations arise.
The clear stratified glass creates stylistic and sensory solutions, depending on the material inserted within the stratification: nets of different grains and colors or fabrics, different degrees of transparency are obtained enhancing each type of furniture.

Jakarta – Linea Pocket door - Clear glass with mesh finish

Jakarta – Linea Pocket door – Clear glass with mesh finish

Ceramics: the perfect combination of elegance and resistance

Ceramic is a product characterized by eclecticism and versatility, with multiple applications in both traditional and advanced architecture, furniture and design.

Linvisibile has selected the ceramics of leading Italian companies in the production of slabs to combine large dimensions and maximum lightness with high resistance. Sophisticated processing technologies guarantee the inalterability of the characteristics and chromatic properties of the materials, which remain unchanged over time.

Moscow - Titano System- ceramic finish

Moscow – Titano System – Ceramic finish

Light effects with anodized perforated metal sheets.

Thanks to a precise and highly technological treatment, our perforated metal sheet can be declined into various motifs and geometric patterns, adapting to different tastes and aesthetic sensibilities.
The colors of the sheet follow the Linvisibile anodization palette – in brushed finishes with fine grain, coarse or glossy, and RAL lacquered.

With the perforated metal sheet, the elegant see-through effect reaches its maximum level of customization.

 Milano- Zefiro System – Black retro-lacquered glass with application of custom perforate anodized metal plate

Milan – Zefiro System – Black retro-lacquered glass with application of custom perforate anodized metal plate finish

The tactile experience of fabric and leather.

The fabric is a material that embellishes the panels offering an extraordinary tactile experience. Worked with cutting-edge technological processes, the fabric is able to guarantee unique aesthetic, technical and sensory performance.
It is an elegant and sophisticated solution, yet lightweight, durable and resistant.

Leather is a natural product of high durability and precious aesthetic characteristics. A prestigious choice for covering surfaces with original textures that create tactile sensations, strength and elegance. A material  synonymous with excellence Made in Italy, which guarantees maximum customization and meticulous attention to every detail.

Milan - Infinito 10 Vertical Pivot door- fabric on one side and leather on the other

Milan – Infinito 10 Vertical Pivot door – Fabric on one side and leather on the other finish

Laminates: a new generation of smart materials for typical interior design applications.

The laminates we have chosen for our products are unique in their characteristics.

Thanks to the innovative processes to which they are subjected to, they are made of anti-fingerprint surfaces, soft to the touch, matt and extremely resistant. They can withstand shocks and scratches, but also the attack of solvents and reagents typically used in domestic cleaning.

Los Angeles- Concealed Sliding door- metal laminate on both side finishes

Los Angeles- Concealed Sliding door – metal laminate on both side

Wood: between tradition and modernity.

No material can transmit heat like wood.
This material gives the rooms a unique atmosphere. Modern and traditional styles blend in the use of prestigious natural or veneered woods of the highest quality and refinement.

Common Area- Filo 10 Hinged door- double leaves- Wood essence finish

Common Area – Filo 10 Hinged door – Double leaves – Wood essence finish

Lacquering: one of the finest forms of panel finishing.

Precious, brilliant and matt surfaces, in all possible colors to give the house an exclusive elegant tone.
The lacquers made by Linvisibile refer exclusively to the RAL Classic K5 palette and will be supplied according to the constraints of opacity/gloss: matt lacquers 10 gloss, glossy lacquers “100” gloss.



Our showroom can be visited upon reservation only.
Please contact our store manager for further information.

David Penas
+ 1 786 403 0050

Posted on
3 November 2022

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