Filo 5 Vertical Pivot Door

Filo 5 Vertical Pivot Door

WARRANTY 10 years


Linvisibile reveal themselves with special colours, essences and finishes giving designers full freedom of combination. Make the most of our wide choice of colours, essences and materials for your surface finishes. And that’s not the end of the story, new materials (metals,leather, stone) and new processing methods (moulded) are now available on all Linvisibile overlay panels.

Wood Veneer
Natural Stone
Wood Essence
As Wall
Moulded Panel

Linvisibile offers reconstitutes wood in a huge variety of woods and patterns that are transformed into vision and trend, where they come to life in project developed by architects and designers.

Surface shine, of metal. Amazing finishes that can be applied on all doors, available for the designer to give form to a space that reflects his/her imagination. Metal plates to choose between copper, brass and aluminium, of a variable thickness in function of the required finishing, applied to the facades on the honeycombe panel by glueing in the press. The edge of the panel is provided lacquered as the metal surfaces.

Linvisibile gets decked out with extra-thin natural stone slabs to clad the surfaces to enrich with vein-lines and under stones the panels of the entire Linvisibile door range. A new concept of door with a textured surface. Touch, feel, pass through. New sensory and poetic experiences are added to the technology offered by Linvisibile thanks to a reduced thickness, just 2 mm, and the chance to have stone covering the whole wall.

The lacquer is one of the most elegant forms of panel finishes. Precious surfaces, shining in every possible color to give the inhabited a tone of exclusive elegance. Lacquers by Linvisibile refer exclusively to RAL classic K5 sample book.

The most innovative finishes. Leather is a natural product with very high durability and aesthetic characteristics. A prestigious choice to coat surfaces with original textures, to stand out with unique materials, prestigious and sophisticated. There’s no limit to the variety of leather overlays on offer. Brightness, strength, elegance, are just a few of the reasons why choose coat a door with leather.

Quality surfaces, exclusive of refinement. Traditional and modern blend in higher quality woods, durable and prestigious. No material is able to transmit the heat as the wood essence. Only the wood essence gives environments unique atmospheres, grain and different levels of density. A product of great excellence, worked on sampling.

The finishes as the wall allows the most complete integration of the door in the wall. The doors becomes a single surface with the wall, creating a special effects of absolute continuity. The door disappears but it maintains a strong personality. The objective of hiding and masking passages in the wall is the fundamental concept of Linvisibile philosophy. Painting, plastering, decorating, any kind of finishing as the wall is allowed on Linvisibile’s products.

Elegant moulded panel with high level of accuracy on all door panels for rich and sumptuous decorations giving interiors a unique touch. Panel with hollow-core structure (honeycombe), made with a perimeter frame in solid wood finished with 2 mm MDF sheets on each side, where moulded panel works, to choose between the models quoted or on demand, after verification of feasibility.

Linvisibile extended its product range with an innovative boiserie system, to decorate the walls in the same finishing as the doors. The exclusive “skin” system allows to coat, with only 3 mm of thickness, walls of any dimension in perfect planarity with the doors, for a total continuity effect.

The flush to wall skirting, represents the most advanced frontier for furnishing domestic spaces in an elegant and modern way. Linvisibile has developed a baseboard system to better complete its offer of flush to wall elements. No element surmounts the wall, everything is perfectly flush. Unlike the traditional baseboard, the mounted version with flush surface flows at the level of the wall without protruding. A thin line embedded in the wall that hides great technology.

Filo 5 Vertical Pivot Door

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