Maestrale System

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Maestrale System

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WARRANTY 10 years


Linvisibile concealed systems reveal themselves with special colours, essences and finishes giving designers full freedom of combination. The surfaces can be dressed up with coatings in a rich variety of colours, textures and materials. From metals to stones, leather and other innovative solutions: discover the countless coatings to be applied on Linvisibile panels.



Pictures are not representative of actual materials with their true colors, textures and veins. They are to be considered simulations exclusively suitable for graphic representation.

It is a product characterized by eclecticism and versatility, with multiple applications in traditional and out-of-the-box architecture, furnishing and design. Linvisibile has chosen the ceramics of Laminam, a leading company in the production of ceramic slabs, whose creations can combine large sizes and lightness with great sturdiness. Sophisticated processing technologies guarantee the inalterability of the characteristics and chromatic properties of the slabs, which remain unchanged over time, even if exposed to the elements.

The Maestrale System panel with load-bearing finish is also available for the application of precious coatings such as onyx, to be paired to clear glass. A stone that brings to mind luxury and gives the furnishings a note of old-fashioned regality.

The surfaces shine thanks to ultra thin sheets of real metal of varying thickness, according to the required finish. In addition to copper, “natural” glossy/matt brass and satin-polished aluminum, we offer a wide choice of metals included in the collections featured by De Castelli, world leader in the processing of this material for the furniture industry. Also available a fretwork version with personalized engravings.

Glass is a timeless material that lends itself for the most contemporary creations. Thanks to its intrinsic characteristics, glass can change its appearance with changing light, giving different light reflections to environments at any time of the day. The glass is tempered, 8 mm or 4+4 mm thick (in laminated glass), and complies with UNI 12150, UNI 7697 and UNI EN 12600 standards defining safety in matter of furnishing glass. It meets the highest resistance standards, in compliance with UNI ISO 12543, UNI 7697 and UNI EN12600 standards.

Mirrors are obtained from a glass manufacturing process which yields the traditional reflective characteristic. Mirrors are valuable elements that added to interiors give the optical illusion of larger and more radiant spaces.

An inimitable material that enhances the beauty of the panels, yielding an extraordinary tactile experience. Manufactured with cutting-edge technological processes, the fabric guarantees unique aesthetic, technical and sensorial performances. It offers at once elegant and refined yet light, sturdy and durable solutions. For this finish, we have entrusted Alcantara, which embodies the new paradigm of contemporary lifestyle sought after by those who look for functionality and the emotion of beauty, while also respecting ethics and the environment.

Natural product with high durability and precious aesthetic characteristics. A prestigious choice to cover surfaces with original textures that yield tactile sensations, strength and elegance. A material synonymous with Made-in-Italy excellence in a product that guarantees maximum customization and meticulous attention to every detail.

The anodized aluminum frame is available in four standard fine-grained brushed colors, with a choice of warm and cool shades. Other coarse brushed or matt polished colors are available upon request. This treatment, by which the metal surface is coated with a protective oxide layer, protects the frame from corrosion, also giving it unique aesthetic properties.

Maestrale System

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