Linvisibile Headquarter, eine neue Schwelle in unsere Welt.

In a year full of novelties and new openings, the Linvisibile Ferrara office has also been the subject of an important restyling. The intervention concerned the entrance area on the ground floor.
You enter to stop immediately on a threshold of wonder and beauty, which leads the visitor to the discovery of a new reality revealed step by step.

Designed entirely by the internal Technical Office, the headquarters of the brand has made an important aesthetic and creative evolution to present the new products launched recently.

A majestic Zefiro Fly system with 7 panels welcomes the visitors, entirely composed of a structure in perforated anodized aluminium designed with a wide leaf pattern for which the Matita color of the Special Collection palette has been chosen.

Linvisibile entrance Maestrale System

Maestrale System

A Maestrale system with 6 fixed panels is placed right next to Zefiro, equipped with 3 suspended consoles, between shelves and drawers.

The combination of the 2 systems has made it possible to create an interior space that houses a waiting room.

Inside the room are also present the latest news in the field of furniture elements with frame; tables and mirrors, designed to integrate anodized aluminum in the furnishing systems, giving stylistic continuity to the environment.

Linvisibile Table - orizzonte

Linvisibile table – Orizzonte

Looking slightly, you can see the elegant Boiserie System that completes the entrance. A 26 mm thick ceramic coating that with its glossy surfaces creates an elegant contrast with the wood and aluminum that branches off from it.

A system of Boiserie in dark wood covers the area of the bathrooms and integrates 2 total-height Hinged doors, covered in the same material.

Linvisibile headquarters Boiserie System

Boiserie System

From the entrance, a third 3 mm thick Boiserie System in Laminam ceramic covers the corridor leading to the offices, on which opens an imposing Infinito 10 Vertical Pivot door, finished in the same ceramic material, in perfect continuity. The door, equipped with an electric lock, disappears completely from view and is revealed only at the time of opening.

Headquarters renovation

Boiserie & Infinito 10 Pivot Door

The meeting room itself is an exercise in style, as it is entirely covered in wood paneling, which gives the whole an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere.

Wood essence Boiserie System

Boiserie System

This path ends with a Maestrale System with 3 panels, on which mirrors and wooden strips alternate.

Linvisibile headquarters Maestrale System

Maestrale System – detail

Conceal from the view or, on the contrary, highlighted in the wall is the dichotomy that characterizes the renovation described, as a way to interpret the wonderful Linvisibile’s language.

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29 November 2022

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