Linvisibile Miami Showroom: Jakarta – a space inspired by Eastern style and zen culture

Let’s start a new journey in the discovering of our Miami showroom.

We introduce you to Jakarta – a space inspired by Eastern style and zen culture.

The distinctive features of Jakarta are encapsulated in harmonious visual impact, almost spiritual, created through the use of neutral colors, exclusively natural materials and furnishings with simple forms.

We have decided to honor this style by placing our Linea Vertical Pivot door, double leaves version, at the entrance to Jakarta. We opted for a glass panel with bronze mesh inserts to recall the warm colours and rich texture that the Eastern style has to offer.

Miami showroom Jakarta style

Eastern-influenced decor works melodically with a modern minimalist vibe, to create homes that feel peaceful, centered and clear. Raw timber and fabric expand the natural colors and texture palette, and build contrast between the warm and cool ends of the spectrum. The contemporary interiors are light and bright and chosen in tune with the natural atmosphere of the space.

Miami showroom Jakarta style

There is no better way to enhance this style than by installing a majestic Infinito 10 Vertical Pivot door on the right wall of the space. Elegant and refined, our door is flawlessly inserted within the boiserie made of veneered wood, perfectly transposing the eastern style.

Miami showroom Jakarta style

Facing the Infinito 10 Vertical Pivot, we have decided to place our innovative Zefiro system composed of 12 leaves. This partition system is fixed on the floor and ceiling and each panel is composed of an anodized aluminium frame that contains clear glass with back lacquered glass inserts. A perfect solution to divide space by adding light and refinement to the room.

Miami showroom Jakarta style

Every little detail is carefully selected, and nothing is left unchecked.

How does Jakarta sound?
We’re already feeling more relaxed just looking at it.

Stay tuned to discover more about the other 3 areas, each defined by distinctive features, architectural languages and aesthetic forms.


Veröffentlicht am
7 March 2023

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