Infinito Vertical Pivot door

Infinito Vertical Pivot door

WARRANTY 10 years


Linvisibile reveal themselves with special colours, essences and finishes giving designers full freedom of combination. Make the most of our wide choice of colours, essences and materials for your surface finishes. And that’s not the end of the story, new materials (metals,leather, stone) and new processing methods (moulded) are now available on all Linvisibile overlay panels.

Gres Porcelain
Special Glass
Wood Essence
Wood Veneer

FENIX® is the new generation of smart materials (created by Arpa Industriale) for vertical and horizontal applications typical of interior design. Fenix is a nanotech material which is not just beautiful to look at but comes with hi-tech, unique characteristics and is highly performant. Its manufacturing process makes the material anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch, matt and extremely resistant, so that it can withstand serious knocks, scratches, but also the attack by solvents and reagents typically used for household cleaning. It is also heat-resistant, water-repellent, hygienic, has enhanced anti-bacterial properties and it’s easy to clean. The Fenix surface, being solid, lends itself perfectly for moulding, which makes allows to draw decorations and motifs over the doors, reflecting the customer’s taste and requirements. Fenix® is available both in the NTM range – a material that above any other product responds to two interior design trends: the search for intelligent materials and the taste for extremely matt surfaces, and in the NTA range – a metal surface with all the main properties of Fenix®: scratch-resistant, anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch and super matt. Available in a wide variety of colours from the exclusive Fenix® collections

A prestigious finishing resulting from a unique technology, Alcantara®, is an absolutely cutting-edge material able to ensure a unique aesthetic appearance, technical, and sensory performance. This unique material also offers infinite possibilities for customization.
Thanks to these characteristics, Alcantara® is able to coat any shape and surface in compliance with the strictest standards in the industry. A material that embellishes the panels, providing an extraordinary tactile experience. Elegant and refined, light, resistant, and durable, Alcantara® embodies the new paradigm of the contemporary lifestyle for those who are looking beyond functionality, even the emotion of beauty, in respect for ethics and the environment.

The panel with MDF base is prepared in a lowered position to accommodate the application of micro-cements (not supplied) of up to 8/10 mm thick, so as to allow precise shaving bordered by the outer frame. This makes it possible to compensate for any curving effects due to the dynamics inherent to the material. Two types of micro-cements can be applied: “thick” (with laminate linings of 9 mm) or “thin” (with MDF linings of 2.3 mm). Maximum applicable weight 40 kg.

The honeycomb panels are sandwiched by 3 mm thick gres porcelain slabs with fiberglass mesh, thus guaranteeing high levels of flexibility and safety.

Exciting and dynamic effects, glass – whether in translucent or lacquered variations – is one of the most versatile materials for playing with reflections and colors. A noble material for creating refined and contemporary architecture.
The honeycomb panels are sandwiched by tempered clear retro-lacquered float glass panels with a thickness of 4 mm, available in the entire range of RAL colors, with 1 mm bevelling.

The special glass types are variations of an already versatile and dynamic material that allows to obtain exceptional results, through satin-finishing and chemical engraving techniques over the glass-plates, providing a variety of different features such as anti-scratch, tinting, mesh insertion and special design engravings, that enable the customization of the material and the final product. Special glass is a decorative solution that enriches Linvisibile’s door offer with textures, reflections and colors.

The mirror is made from a glass which has been subjected to the chemical process of pouring a metal coating, of mainly silver, over the transparent sheet’s surface, a feature that gives the mirror its reflective properties. It is a fascinating material that favours working with space depth, the room’s reflections, and the surrounding furniture.

Excellent quality surfaces and exclusive refinement. Traditional and modern blend in higher quality woods, durable and prestigious. No material is able able to transmit heat as the wood essence. Only the wood essence gives environments unique atmospheres, grain and different levels of density. A product of great excellence, worked on sampling.

Linvisibile offers a wide variety of veneered woods which transform into vision and trends: their textures -whether classic or modern, simple or geometric, uniform or striated, with a horizontal or vertical grain, in a variety of beautiful tones- all come to life in projects implemented by architects and designers in such a way as to meet any kind of living-space requirements.

Linvisibile enriches its product range with an innovative boiserie system, to decorate the walls in the same finishing as the doors. The exclusive “skin” system allows to coat, with only 3 mm of thickness, walls of any dimension in perfect planarity with the doors, for a total continuity effect. The door becomes a whole with the wall to furnish with elegance and refinement the environments in which we live. The boiserie can be made in several finishes: stone, metal, wood, glass, lacquer, leather, adapting itself with extreme delicacy to the finishing of the panels.

Infinito Vertical Pivot door

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